Mid-season update -  Mens Senior cricket

Mid-season update - Mens Senior cricket

By Alec Howe
16th June
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Midsummer Highs

As we approach mid-summer it seems like a good time to update members on the how the season is going.

After a difficult few years things are looking much more positive. The move from the Cherwell League to the FCCL (‘Chexit’?) has brought benefits in terms of vastly improved availability, winning cricket and a positive feeling around the club. The 1st XI is vying for top spot in Div 6 and the 2nd XI is mid-table, winning games and competing strongly for the most part in defeat. The Sunday XI continues to have fun.

It is hugely encouraging to see younger players now contributing fully to winning senior matches with Harvey Knights, Ryan Bullock, Harry Gadsby and Jack Gotzheim all making significant impressions on the 1st XI, and Oscar Middleton, Cameron Bullock, Ethan Viljoen, Harry Gotzheim, Michael Chater and Adam Bosompen all contributing to the 2nd XI. (Apologies if I forgotten everyone.)

The seniors are also doing their bit. I noticed that Kit Gordon-Stuart, Jonathan Marsh and Cale Volitakis were 1st, 5th and 9th respectively in the FCCL batting rankings last week. Nick Rowe and Oscar are riding high in the bowling stats.

After the struggles of the past few seasons availability has been excellent. We have frequently been selecting the 1st and 2nd XIs from 26-28 players and as students return from universities and boarding schools availability is likely to get better.

On that basis we are likely to become more choosy.
- First of all, if you have not paid your membership and all match subscriptions you will not be eligible for selection. Please make sure that you have paid by Tuesday 18 June at the latest.
- Secondly Pitchero is now working well as a selection tool. Please make sure your availability is updated at least a couple of weeks in advance as we now want to select teams more than a week ahead. If you’re not showing as available on Pitchero you won’t be selected. If you’re having problems with this let me know.
- Training is also important, especially for 1st team selection so please make every effort to attend. Sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm. You are welcome to use the nets at other times, and, with notice, the bowling machine. Use the senior WhatsApp group to find others looking for a net. Our excellent coach Cale is available, for a reasonable fee, for 1-to-1 coaching.

We will try to make sure that everyone gets a game every weekend if they have made themselves available. There is also the midweek LMS league to offer more cricket. If you feel you’re not getting a fair go please let me know.

Finally we would like to improve links across the club and I would like to encourage anyone playing senior cricket to help out with junior, ladies and girls cricket. If you can spare an hour on so on Friday evenings to help out with the girls training or the 5-8 year olds they would love to see you. Similarly the juniors train on Sunday mornings and would be really pleased to have a 1st or 2nd team player helping out. Let me know if you can help.

Wishing you all an excellent few months and much fun and success.

Tom Gadsby
Head of Cricket
Cublington CC

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